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AI Chatbot in action

Chatbots can be used for:

Customer Support

Most of the questions you get from customers are the same. And you know that. So ChatStudio helps you automate this process. If chatbot doesn't know the answer to the question, it will be redirected to you.

Keep in mind that all the answers appear instantly. The fastest customer support ever! Also, you will automatically get 'Fast response' badge from Facebook.

See chatbot in action:

Customer support

Lead Generation

Facebook Messenger is the best tool for lead generation in 2019. Facebook already stores client contact information, so they are only one tap away to give you their info. If Messenger chatbot is integrated into your website, it will drive at least 2x more leads than email form.

Also, every lead you get can be instantly messaged to your phone or email.

See chatbot in action:

Lead Generation

Message subscriptions

Chatbot can send scheduled messages after the first interaction was made (not necessarily right after it is done).

It's like Email newsletter but with 70-80% open rates. You can tell your subscribers more about your products or services, or you can send useful information and build up trust. People can always unsubscribe if they want to.

See chatbot in action:

Message subscriptions


With chatbot you can reach your audience in seconds.

If you have a new product line or if you want to promote your seasonal sale or promo codes, Facebook Messenger with 20-30% click-through rates is one of the best options. Targeted website traffic is achieved in seconds.

This feature can be used for survey promotions as well.

See chatbot in action:


ChatStudio Messenger Chatbots are being used by

AI Chatbots for Messenger are future of the internet

Messenger Open Rate


Better than Email

Average ROI


Every $ becomes $6.5

Messenger Has


Billion Users



uses Chatbots. This number will be 80% in 2020

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