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Pricing plans

The best pricing options in the market. No doubt.

We give a 14-DAY FREE TRIAL to both plans.
Our from-scratch custom built chatbots don’t have a setup fee.
After the free trial dedicated manager continues improving your chatbot.



  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Personal chatbot manager
  • All chatbot support features
  • Website integration
  • Gallery in-chat menu
  • FAQ answers
  • Blog post notifications
  • Email integration



  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Support plan features
  • Custom marketing strategy
  • + Custom Messenger newsletter
  • + Sales and deals promotion
  • + Audience Targeting
  • + FB post commentator targeting
  • + Integration with other systems

We take full responsibility for your chatbot maintenance. Up to 10,000 subscribers support for your chatbot is for free.

Which plan is best for me and my business?

 It’s a cheap, practical, time-saving and suitable solution if you want to represent your business more efficiently and obtain almost completely automatic customer support.

Your customers can check your office hours, location, how to contact you, essential information about the purchase of your product or services, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

Communication can be enriched with pictures and GIFs so this plan works for those who want to interact with clients in a charming and more personalized way.

Can be used for lead generation – you can easily get a potential customer’s email or phone number.

Your clients can easily book appointments or make reservations with this chatbot. After they make a reservation, you get an instant email to your inbox.

Usually used by restaurants, hotels, barber shops, car repair services, plumbers, bakeries, cafes, construction companies.

If you want to experience all the tricks that chatbots can do, automate your customer support and get more sales as well, this is the right plan for you.

It is the ultimate solution – created synergy with the most advanced customer support and marketing tactics in 2019.

Message Subscriptions is probably the best way to use your chatbot. We can create a custom series of messages which are sent after a certain time once a person interacted with your chatbot. With content strategies and 70% open rates, your clients will not be able to forget you.

Monthly reports help you track your chatbot performance; with Zappier connections your chatbot can be connected with your Google Sheets or other databases.

With Messenger Promotions, chatbot can boost your sales and new product line exposure, promote seasonal sales and more. We send unique messages to all your followers at the same time so you can generate sales in seconds.

We divide the audience into different groups based on their interests and we send accurate persuading messages tailored to each group.

Also, this chatbot reaches people who commented on your Facebook posts and helps keep the relationship with your clients more easily.

Usually used by E-Commerce stores, SaaS businesses, startups, marketing agencies, personal trainers, etc.

Sometimes “one size fits all” doesn’t work. So if you have certain needs or want more advanced solutions, contact us and we will create a custom plan for your business.


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